Command Syntax Check

If a command is entered improperly (e.g. typo or invalid command option), the router will inform the user and indicate where the error has occurred. A caret symbol (^) will appear underneath the incorrect command, keyword, or argument. The following example displays what happens if the keyword “ethernet” is spelled incorrectly.

Router(config)#interface ethernat
% Invalid input detected at ‘^’ marker.

Command Abbreviation

Commands and keywords can be abbreviated to the minimum number of characters that identifies a unique selection. For example, you can abbreviate the “configure” command to “conf” because “configure” is the only command that begins with “conf”. You could not abbreviate the command to “con” because more than one command could fit this criteria. The router will issue the following error message if you do not supply enough characters.

% Ambiguous command: “i”

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