Removing Commands / Resetting Default Values

IOS provides an easy way to remove commands from a configuration. To remove a command from the configuration, simply navigate to the proper location and type “no” followed by the command to be removed. The following example displays how to remove an IP address from the ethernet0 interface.
Router> enable – switches to privileged EXEC level
Router# configure terminal – switches to global configuration level
Router(config)# interface ethernet0 – switches to configure the ethernet0 interface
Router(config-if)# no ip address – removes IP address
Router(config-if)# exit – exits back to global configuration level
Router(config)# exit – exits out of configuration level
Router# disable – disables privileged EXEC level
Router> – prompt indicates user is back to user EXEC level

Some configuration commands in IOS are enabled by default and assigned a certain default value. When left at the default value, these commands will not be displayed when the configuration is listed. If the value is altered from the default setting, issuing a “no” form of the command will restore the value to the default setting.

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