Breaking/Reset the Root password: (OS: Centos 4.1 )

1-Reboot/start the system
2-On welcome screen, press “e” while selecting the Linux OS (If you have grub password then first press “p” to give grub password and then press “e”)
3-You will see a new screen with three option select the following options
Kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.9-11.El ro root=LABEL= /rhgb quiet
4-selecting the following option, press “e” again
5-Write “-s” at the end of the above line and press Enter.
6-Now press “b”. System will boot on run level 1.
7-Just type “passwd” to change the root password. It will not ask the old root password

Breaking the Grub password:

1-Boot the system with the first Linux CD.
2-At the boot prompt, type Linux rescue to switch to rescue mode.
3-In rescue mode you will be asked if similar steps should be followed, which need to be followed in the installation.
4-Once you get the # prompt, type the following command:# chmod /mnt/sysImage
5-Edit the “/etc/grub.conf” file and remove the “password –md5 ” from the file. Save the file and exit.
6-Once your machine reboots, you will be able to start your Linux OS in the usual manner.

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