Slackware – Virtualbox – Network,Choppy Video and Slow IO

The Temple of Fu

I continue, like any nerd, to play with software and technology. My latest adventure has been to migrate my Slackware 13 desktop from VmWare to Virtualbox. I have used both multiple times throughout time, usually switching up when a new release comes out that ‘has the latest whizbang’ feature set.

I migrated my vm (post coming soon) to VBox but upon first boot I could not pull up a webpage or ping my router, set to Bridged network; problem 1 fixed.

Videos loaded painfully slow, Add more video RAM; problem 2 fixed

Videos still played choppy and opening a folder with many items was slow as well, basically any heavy IO task, set storage to SATA ACHI and add a second CPU; problem 3 fixed.

(image shows my added primary .vmdk attached to new controller adding second CPU and more Video RAM in same settings dialogs)

Now my VM is…

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