Cerita 6xCCIE

Artikel ini saya sadur dari blognya  Larry Hadrava, CCIE #12203 dan saya terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa indonesia.Jika teman teman yang berkarir di network membaca ini saya yakin akan termotivasi paling tidak bisa dijadikan guiden tentang CCIE dan Langkah langkah meraihnya.Jadi Ceritanya adalah si 6xCCIE yang namanya Roman Rodichev 6x CCIE # 7927 sedang di interview oleh Larry hadrava.Isinya saya rangkum dan penjabarannya seperti ini;

1.Jika kita termasuk engineer yang masih bertanya sebaiknya track apa  dulu yang musti kita ambil?

R&S was my first and it took a couple of years to prepare for, finally passing it in August 2001 on second attempt….The big driver for R&S was career advancement and desire to get through that magic $100K/year salary barrier.

I got Security CCIE six months later on first attempt…
I haven’t seen the new security lab, but based on the six labs I took, in my opinion, Voice was the hardest.
2.Motivasi meraih CCIE selain uang
It was more of a hobby than a business. I wanted to do something fun and take advantage of all the knowledge CCIEs gave me and pass this knowledge on to other people. Our CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Voice and CCIE Storage workbooks came out around the same time, followed by the CCIE Service Provider and CCIE Storage bootcamps.
3.Bagaimana Strategi belajarnya?
Writing a CCIE Storage workbook drove me to take the CCIE Storage lab. Developing labs and questions is the best way to study for the lab. Of course, not everyone would decide to use this wacky approach, but it certainly helped me pass the Storage lab on first attempt in March of 2006 and then release the workbook a month after that. In the summer of 2006, I started delivering the CCIE Service Provider bootcamps without actually having the cert.

CCIE Service Provider is my favorite track. 

4.Tip dan Trik

Past experience taking these labs taught me a lesson:
1. Document the entire lab even if you think you passed it. This takes about 3 days. Don’t be lazy!!
2. Practice your lab at home and research every topic even if you believe you will get a different lab next time
3. Don’t wait after failing, schedule the lab for the soonest date possible. The most studying you will do is between the attempts.
After coming back from the wireless lab, I locked myself in a room for a month again, went back in July and was lucky to pass it. It was a very nostalgic experience coming to San Jose for the last CCIE, the same location I went to get my first one eight years ago.

In conclusion, what helped me get six CCIEs? A different thing each time:
1. R&S = lots of studying for about two years, a true CCIE preparation experience that most go through
2. Security = experience with PIXes and IOS security + luck
3. Voice = experience with IPT + two months of non-stop studying
4. Storage = writing a workbook
5. SP = teaching a bootcamp
6. Wireless = two months of non-stop studying
Some people who don’t know me think I have no life and that all I do is study. I would say that studying for CCIE R&S was really like that, no partying, lots of lab hours, lots of sleepless nights. Other tracks involved short but intense study methods. I would simply lock myself in a room with equipment and books for a couple of months. Another thing that helps me a lot is that I enjoy reading technical literature, Cisco Press books, but mostly Cisco’s documentation. The problem is that 90% of reading I do is in my car. I certainly don’t recommend it! At any point in time, you will find around ten 20-30 page Cisco website print-outs on my passenger’s seat. I don’t know why, but it helps me better digest and remember the information.

5. Klo gagal lagi dan gagal lagi? (baca lagi diatas)

3. Don’t wait after failing, schedule the lab for the soonest date possible. The most studying you will do is between the attempts.
6. Bagaimana cara mengatur Waktu?
Finally, again, it’s all about INTEREST and ENJOYMENT. If you are truly interested in the technology, if you are really enjoying studying, you will find time how to balance work, wife (can’t speak for kids) and studying. People who “can’t find time for studying”, don’t actually enjoy studying that technology.
7. Sebaiknya CCNP dulu atau CCIE langsung?
If you are going to do CCIE, why waste time on CCNP? If you are ready for CCIE, you can go and take all CCNP tests in one day, and you’ll pass them. Getting CCNP might get you a $10-20K salary increase, but probably only if you switch jobs. If you think that CCIE is your ultimate goal, go for CCIE, don’t think about CCNP. These two certifications require a different approach in studying. Some people choose to study with pass4sure and pass the CCNP within a week. I would rather prepare first for a CCIE, and then take CCNP tests without preparation a week before the CCIE lab.
1. Rekan yang belum ambil CCIE Written, langsung ambil.. dan segera prepare CCIE Lab.. ambil CCNP ntar2 aja. Seminggu sebelum exam LAB juga bisa klo preparation CCIEnya mantep.
2. Rekan yang mau ambil exam LAB, ujian jangan grogi.
3. Klo gagal? coba lagi.. jangan pundung terlalu lama