Top Five Careers for an IT Expert

5Top Five Careers for an IT Expert

Have you always had a knack for computers? Are you the go-to person in your group of friends for any type of technology catastrophe they experience? While it may be rewarding to resolve your buddies’ computer issues, it can be even more satisfying to use your talents in a successful information technology career. As our dependence on technology continues to increase in our daily lives, you can prepare to play an importance role as an IT expert.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 Edition, the employment of computer network, systems, and database administrators is expected to grow by 30 percent through 2018, which is much faster than average. That means this field can expect to add about 286,600 new jobs by 2018!

We took a look at a few of the top IT expert careers in the marketplace right now. Check out our list, and see how you can turn your IT know-how into professional success. What area of information technology interests you most?

1)      Network engineers, aka “The Architects”

IT expert - the architect

Network engineers design, install, test and analyze local area networks, wide area networks, intranets, and other data communication systems. By dealing with all the “plumbing” of a company’s network, most network engineers spend their time working with T1 lines, firewalls, routers and wireless adapters. The work of network engineers depends on the size of their company. Small companies have fairly simple networks, while larger corporations can have extremely complex networks.

2)    Network administrators, aka “The Repairmen”

IT expert - the repairmen

Network maintenance issues? These IT experts can handle it. Network administrators play an important role in organizations as they work to maintain network hardware and software, analyze problems within the system, and identify user needs. While each network administration position is unique, responsibilities will often include network address assignment, routing protocols and maintenance of network facilities.
3)    System administrators, aka “The Coordinators”

IT expert - the coordinator

These IT experts are all about efficiency – system efficiency to be specific. They work to ensure that an organization’s computer system allows all components – the computer, network and software – to work together well. System administrators troubleshoot and resolve any issues or problems reported by users and use that process to find areas within the system that need improvement.

4)    Database administrators, aka “The Data Collectors”

IT expert - the data collector

As the data gurus, database administrators work with database management software and work to find ways to store, organize, study and use data. Most commonly, database administrators incorporate data from old systems into new systems while making modifications and troubleshooting problems along the way.

5)    Computer security specialists, aka “The Security Guards”

IT expert - the security guards

These “security guards” have a vital role to play in a company’s information security system. They work to install security software, watch for security breaches, and respond appropriately to cyber attacks. As the law enforcement officers of the information technology world, computer security specialists must stay up-to-date with ways to plan, coordinate and maintain a company’s network security as attacks and breaches become more complex and sophisticated.

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